Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video Resources for Teachers

I am a firm believer in using video to engage students in the classroom. Finding the right Web 2.0 tool is critical to the success of any video project. One of my favorite bloggers has a page on his website completely dedicated to video creation resources for teachers that are free and easy to use. The following stop-motion example is one of my favorite ways to use video in the classroom:

Constitution Video, Part 1 from Mr. Titzel on Vimeo.

Think about the content you are currently teaching, browse the resources on the following link for the right tool, plan a short video project, and prepare yourself to see your students come alive with excitement!
Free Technology for Teachers: Video Creation Resources 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Web Resource: aMap

This Web 2.0 resource called aMap is a very cool site that allows people to communicate various sides of an idea. The underlying structuring of aMaps is based around "informal logic" - this is the logic people use to argue in everyday life. This can be applied to the classroom by using their site to create student debates on various topics.
Interesting Web resource: aMap