Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google Tips & Tricks

I have recently become obsessed with Infographics. I was sent this one today by a blogger I follow (Educational Technology Guy), and I thought it would have some great, all-purpose value for our staff. It has some really great tips for searching. You might also choose to share this with your middle and upper school students. Enjoy!
Get more out of Google
Created by: HackCollege

Monday, November 28, 2011

Google Forms Grading Tool: Flubaroo

Many of you have been interested in the idea of using Google forms for assignments in your classrooms. I just stumbled across a tool today that will allow you to do some pretty amazing things with your forms, from grading to generating reports to emailing students their class and individual results! Watch the following video on an AMAZING add-in script:

Follow this link for instructions and give it a try: http://www.flubaroo.com/flubaroo-user-guide#step4

Happy Google Form-ing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Population Reference Bureau Website

"It took all of human history to reach a world population of 1.6 billion in 1900. By 2000, it was 6.1 billion. How did this change happen? The answer lies in the demographic transition—the shifts in birth and death rates that historically have occurred over long periods of time—and how differently it has taken place in developed and developing countries."

-Population Reference Bureau 

The world population will pass 7 billion this week. Here is a great website for discussing everything related to world population from infant mortality rates to life expectancy. There is an interactive map and a video to use for discussion and tons of data to use for comparison. Thanks to Pete McKay, author of The Teacher List for the heads up: Click Here to visit the Population Reference Bureau