Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twitter Followers: Feed the Obsession With TweetDeck!

I wanted to give a little follow-up on my September Tech Visits with a recommendation on the subject of building a PLN using Twitter. I absolutely LOVE this resource for teachers and would like to suggest a supplement to your use of the application. I use a 3rd party Twitter feed called TweetDeck. It is a GREAT site that can live on your desktop and update you to new tweets on your Twitter home page. I love it because it feeds my need to check Twitter frequently with a small alert in the corner of the screen on which I am currently working, allowing me to multitask during the day. It also can house the searches I like to follow, like #wcsteach, #edchat, #edtech, and #TeacherTuesday, each in a separate column. It will require your computer to be unlocked to be a permanent fixture, but to me it is worth the effort!

Simply click on the link in this article, register, download... and ENJOY!

-Laura Cusick

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