Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog Spotlight: Byrdseed Gifted

Becky O'Hearn discovered the blog Byrdseed Gifted this week while doing some research for Bunny Hill on teaching the gifted and talented. After exploring the site, I realized it was full of wonderful resources for teaching our students. The following link takes you to an element of the site I found particularly useful: The Differentiator. This tool incorporates Blooms Taxonomy and elements of Depth and Complexity and Content Imperatives to help the teacher generate differentiation objectives for a lesson. You simply use the tabs and click on the activity you want the students to complete. You will see the objective begin to grow at the top. Click on the next tabs to complete your developing objective.

This is another portion of the site I see as extremely helpful for the classroom teacher interested in using differentiation strategies: The Extend-a-Menu. For a small annual fee of $20, you can create and edit Tic-Tac-Toe activity sheets specific to your content area with a simple click! Small price to pay for a time saver like this!

Have fun exploring this site, Byrdseed Gifted. If you sign up for email updates you will get a free PDF entitled Improve Your Gifted Classroom: 7 Ways In 7 Days which also has some great ideas for your classroom.

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